1940s Los Angeles. PARENTS’ Marriage. Hollywood Wedding Chapel. Los Feliz. Family. WW2. P.O.W. Divorce. Updated 11/30/2022

Diana/Paige’s parents: Robert M. Cotterell was 23 and Donna LaRocca 19 when they were married in 1940. Below is the Hollywood Wedding Chapel where Robert and Donna were married as stated on the marriage certificate. The location is on the Sunset Strip, about one block from the infamous and historic Chateau Marmont hotel.  The famed Garden of Allah apartment building was across the street….

1944. Birth. 1938 Los Angeles. Address on Birth Certificate. Los Feliz.

The woman who most of us recognize as Paige Young, Playboy Playmate of November 1968, was born Diana Lee Cotterell on March 16, 1944, at the Griffith Park Maternity Home located at 1933 Griffith Park Boulevard.  Her birth certificate records the area as “Hollywood.” Today it is “Los Feliz.” Diana’s birth certificate says her home address is 3834 Evans. Location is close to the…