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Hello and Welcome: This website is a published record and birth to death timeline of a woman who lived for 30 years: March 16, 1944 to April 7, 1974.

All of it in Los Angeles as far as I can tell.

(On http://paigeyoung1968.com Click on a chapter you want to read and scroll down.)

Updates are posted right here, work in progress and always adding. Currently, I am condensing chapters and rewriting so it will looks a little different to those of you returning.

UPDATE 10/06/21 I transcribed my copy of the LAPD report on Paige Young’s suicide in 1974. I include names of responding police officers and coroner.

I would like to hear another witness account from that day…

I am appealing to the public for help in locating these people, or any of their family, friends or neighbors. They may have shared their experience with Paige’s case.

See Chapter on LAPD Report Paige’s suicide for list.

Obviously my request for information can only apply if you lived in Los Angeles in 1974, and/or are related, had a friend in the LAPD or coroner’s office.

I know it’s a long shot but something I read on a blog motivated me to reach out. The blogger posted the Dec. 2014 Daily Mail article about Paige Young and her/his connection to it:

oped: I totally believe the accusations…being that I worked for LAPD VanNuys Divison 1971-1974 I remember one of my Sgts discussing this case…it was hushed up at the higher levels of management… speculation being  a cover up on pressure from the entertainment moguls! And I can honestly say after dealing with the bookings of numerous celebrities during this period of time from DUI,Drugs,perversion,disturbing the peace on and on…oh the stories I could tell…maybe another time I will! 

Contact me for name of website.

I replied in the comment section, “please tell me more about what you heard,” The blogger responded several months later with, “everyone involved (in the Paige case or heard about it at the time) felt it was extremely sad.

” I guess that means ” I don’t know any more than what I wrote.”

Thank you.

UPDATE:9/02/21 A man contacted me with a postive memory about getting an autograph from Paige Young at the Boston Car Show, late October 1968, when he was 14 years old! See chapter 1969 Most Public Year.

Many of the people in this story are forgotten individuals.

Like Paige’s family. And Paige herself. About half of this story is Paige’s background; her family and their seemingly anonymous lives revealing a prototypical yet unique participation in American and Los Angeles history in the mid-century and earlier.

Some of these individuals are, or were “celebrities”. This story Is Partly about fame and different types of Fame.

Many of the Playboy Playmates attempted to use what celebrity Playmatehood brought to them, for work in movies, TV, modeling or marriage. There were several who went on to business, academic or other types of non-show business related careers.

Many other Playmates have never been heard from again since their appearance in the magazine. Several became well-known “starlets” for a little while before disappearing from public view. Many others became housewives and mothers, some “marrying up” in economic terms.

As a Playboy Playmate, Paige Young experienced a minor type of celebrity status for a brief portion of her short life.

During her lifetime, Paige associated with people who were famous both during and after her lifetime. Some are well known to the mass public, others famous to a smaller audience.

This includes Hugh Hefner, John Huston, Andy Warhol, Bill Cosby on the mass fame scale.

The men famous to a more niche audience includes: Peter Gowland “famous” glamour/pin-up photographer in the 40s through the early 90s. Paige Young was his last contribution to Playboy magazine in 1968. His wife Alice ran the business side and was on many of the photography sessions. Marvin M. Mitchelson who represented Paige Young in her divorce against husband Mark F. Segal in 1964. Mitchelson was a Beverly Hills lawyer to the stars, mainly women, an almost forgotten celebrity now, but I remember well from the 1970s and 80s media. Just say “Palimony” and this is what Mitchelson basically invented. Also, Hon. Desmond Guinness, founder of the Irish Georgian Society, from the high society and highly titled Guinness family.

DeWain Valentine, famous American and Los Angeles artist; one of the founding members of the Light and Space movement which was born in Venice Beach in the 1960s.

These are the ones with definitive proof anyway.

I’m going to write about these men and their connection Paige Young, someone seemingly unimportant or insignificant.

If it were not for Paige’s connection to (still living and recently released from prison) Bill Cosby, as told by friends and neighbors to Daily Mail reporter Ryan Parry in 2014, Paige may have remained relegated to internet lists of Playboy Playmates who committed suicide or died in other tragic ways, made even more tragic by their young ages: murders, car wrecks, cancer and accidental drug overdoses.

There was a boost in readership for such lists and articles when 1993 Playmate of the Year Anna Nicole Smith, died of a drug overdose in 2007. Anna Nicole famously appeared in Guess ads, and infamously as a tabloid staple due to her marriage to a very old Texas oil tycoon. She feuded with his heirs after his death.

Later, Anna Nicole’s reality show was a winner for E! Network.

Anna Nicole’s court appearances and later her death were covered by major news networks.

AP story seen in the Howell Michigan newspaper. February 20, 2007
The State , Columbia, SC 2/19/2007

In the fall of 2014, Hugh Hefner’s long time friend Bill Cosby’s long history of drugging and raping women, finally “caught on” with the public after the Hannibal Buress video went viral.

Cosby’s reputation has not recovered since.

Several of the women who had spoken out previously (and were ignored) about their rape by Bill Cosby, were finally being heard and had numerous requests for media interviews. (See the book “Chasing Cosby” for in-depth information about the Andrea Constand case against Bill Cosby in 2004 and the “early accusers.” Author is Nicole Weisensee Egan)

Daily Mail article Dec. 2014

One of these “early accusers” knew Paige Young from the late 1960s/early 70s Los Angeles, and told reporter Ryan Parry about an encounter she had with Paige and Bill in El Paso 1970.

My opinion is that Parry thought he had a lead on a direct link between this long dead Playboy Playmate’s suicide and Bill Cosby, Parry follows up by interviewing a few other people who knew her back then.

One of them was Richard Sample whom I interviewed in May of 2021.

Parry’s reporting does not establish a direct link between Cosby and Young’s suicide in 1974.

I recently learned that Bill Cosby did drug and rape Paige Young and then “paid her off,” the same as he did to literally dozens of women.

The 2014 article in the Daily Mail about Paige Young was completely ignored by every media outlet.

It has only caught on with the “conspiracy crowd.” Like MK Ultra.

Drug OD as the reason for her death has been published in the “Playmate Book” for decades. The PM Book might be the original source for the internet lists.

Ryan Parry’s research showed it was suicide by gun.

Where did Playboy get the information that it was a drug overdose that killed Paige?

Certainly not from Melanie M. who saw Paige both alive and dead the day she committed suicide. As did the police who were called to the scene, and as is recorded on Paige Young’s death certificate and police report.

This website is always updated when I find out new information.


My (ongoing) research consisted of obtaining various LA County public records like birth and death certificates, viewing City of LA building permit documents, (online), perusing telephone directories in the DTLA public library, looking through phone directories, voting records, marriage, divorce, and military records on ancestry.com.

Social security information is published online and on ancestry.com.

Newspapers.com continues to be an extremely helpful resource.

I have spoken with a few first hand sources, there were several who refuse to speak with me, or I couldn’t locate. At this point, many are dead. And the living people who know, aren’t talking, with the exception of the few I have written about on this blog.

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