1970/71 #1 Paige Moves To Westwood. Pasadena Art Museum With Warhol Wearing A Rudi Gernreich Dress. Artist DeWain Valentine

10526 1/2 Eastborne Ave. in Westwood. From a retail listing, 10 or more years ago. It doesn’t look like this now.
This garage apartment was built in 1941. Duplex in front built in 1938. Owner/Builder was silent film bit player Kathryn Eddy.

70-71 It it was around this time that Paige moved into this garage apartment in Westwood after feeling “antsy” living in the isolated Trancas area of Malibu. This is the home where she would end her life in 1974.

May 16, 1970. Paige Young makes an appearance at the Pasadena Art Museum recorded by a gossip columnist and a photographer.

The occasion was an invitation-only gala for the new Andy Warhol exhibit.

Warhol himself makes an appearance, obviously a big deal.

According to this article, Paige Young and Andy Warhol discuss a role for Paige in an upcoming Andy Warhol film.

From the Los Angeles Evening Citizen 5/16/1970

Column 1 of article from the “Social Butterfly
Photo of Paige wearing her Rudi Gernreich dress with her date Bill Gardner. J Winters is Jonathan Winters, a show Paige had appeared on, according to some of her press.

Marvene Jones writes that Mr. and Mrs. DeWain Valentine made up a foursome with Paige and Bill Gardner, former manager of Jonathan Winters.

Column #2 of article Richard Sample told me Paige was always barefoot. And frequently topless.

DeWain Valentine was an emerging artist in the 1960s Venice art scene. He had an exhibit at PAM the same time as the Warhol exhibit.

LAT May 31, 1970

DeWain Valentine was part of the west coast”Light and Space” art movement, along with artists Larry Bell, Robert Irwin, Helen Pashgian, James Turrell and John McCracken and more. Many of these artists lived in Venice due to the cheap rent. Some artists set up shop there as early as the 1950s. Their fame was rapidly emerging by the late 1960s.

Richard Sample said that he moved from Malibu to an art studio in Venice, late 1960s. Paige later joined him but Richard could not remember the location. He told me his artist neighbors and friends were DeWain Valentine and Larry Bell. (See Chapter: Interview with Richard Sample)

I read later Robert Irwin lived right across the street from Valentine.

Paige refers to her new “Venice art studio” in many interviews with Playboy magazine and US newspapers in 1969. This is the year she toured the US promoting the TV show Playboy After Dark. (See chapter: Most Public Year 1969)

This location was a large building that took up the addresses 62-68 Market St. in Venice Beach. There’s a lot of evidence for this.

Richard Sample’s niece Ellen Sample remembers visiting her uncle and grandfather Charles Sample at a Venice studio where they both worked on their art. Charles had a retail storefront to sell his artistic jewelry. Ellen recalls being able to see the beach from the studio.

This describes the view of 62-68 Market St.

Richard Sample is listed at 63 Market St. Venice in a newspaper marriage announcement, 1968, to a woman named Daryl.

Ellen texted me that her Uncle Richard sublet the studio to Paige at one point, and there was some tension with Paige and Ellen’s aunts, the wives of Charles Sample and his sons. Ellen said her mother was not bothered by Paige, but that she did go with her sister-in-laws to “see what was going on at the studio.”

Valentine has spoken about his Venice studio in several art magazine interviews; how it influenced his art, his many artist neighbors and friends, including Larry Bell and Robert Irwin, particularly the years from the mid-1960s to early 1970s.

Brooklyn Rail 2019 found online.

DeWain Valentine lived in and eventually purchased the building located at address 62-65 Market St. Several records can be seen in public building archives from LA County now available online.

I hope to speak with DeWain Valentine about his evening at the Warhol opening and what he remembers about Paige living and painting in the Venice studio. I have left several messages and sent him a copy of the Marvene Jones column.

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