1974 #3 More on Desmond Guinness. John Huston. Ireland.

As established in the other chapters, Desmond Guinness traveled all over the USA for many years, promoting his books on architecture and fundraising for his passion, preservation of Irish Georgian castles.

This ad appeared in the Miami Herald March 19, 1974. Paige Young would commit suicide 3 weeks after this date.

According to neighbor Melanie in the Daily Mail, Paige was afraid of a sex tape being seen by certain people or a certain person. Melanie also said the tape was made of Paige at the Playboy mansion.

I have to wonder if one person in Paige’s mind was Desmond Guinness (and his crowd?)

It’s just a hunch, but enough for a lead.

It is interesting that Desmond visited Los Angeles 6 months apart. He was photographed with Paige in Santa Barbara in October of 1973,then he was back in Los Angeles in March of 1974.

These were last few weeks of Paige’s life. It’s unknown if the two ever saw each other outside of that one documented date at Guy Roop’s house.

The following Suzy high society gossip column, was published 9 days before Paige’s suicide. Desmond in bold.

Suzy column Daily News March 28, 1974. Again Desmond is the houseguest of Douglas Campbell. On this visit Desmond’s daughter Marina accompanied hm to Southern California.

The article below is 7 days before Paige’s suicide.

Jody Jacobs column LAT March 31st 1974.

There is proof that Desmond and Marina also appeared in Raleigh, NC on or around March 28th, 1974, see article below.

This article is unusual in that it brings up the uncomfortable subject of his mother Diana Mitford and step-father Oswald Mosely.

Raleigh News and Observer March 29, 1974. Notice the comment and story about Stanley Kubrick.

Did John Huston and Desmond Guinness know each other?

Given how much Desmond traveled around Ireland meeting people, restoring castles and seeking funds for the Irish Georgian Society, almost certainly. Desmond’s obituary below says they did.

A renowned socialite, party animal and generous host, Guinness entertained the international jet set at his home, Leixlip Castle. Those who visited included British royalty Princess Margaret, her husband Lord Snowdon, and Lord Mountbatten, A-listers such as Jacqueline Kennedy, film director John HustonMick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull, and his stepfather the British fascist leader Oswald Mosley, his mother Diana Mitford’s husband.

Desmond Guinesses obituary in The Irish Times August 29, 2020.

This also makes me think Desmond and Mariga knew Ricki Soma Huston, John Huston’s 4th wife and mother to Angelica and Tony.

Rikki lived in St. Clerans in the 50s and 60s and raised her children there until she moved to London sometime in the late 1960s.

Anjelica Huston wrote a memoir about growing up in the St. Clerans estate.

Did Paige meet Desmond Guinness when she stayed with John and Celeste Huston at St. Clerans in 72-73 ish? Possibly.

1960 issue of Color Photography Magazine shows and image of Ricki Soma Huston by legendary photographer Philippe Halsman.

Coincidentally, Huston’s 5th wife, Celeste Shane Huston’s photo appears in this same issue. Coming soon.

Enrica “Ricki” Soma was married to John Huston from 1950 until her untimely death in a car accident in 1969. Ricki had already moved of St. Clerans by this time and resided in London.

Philippe Halsman discovered Ricki Soma for the cover of Life magazine in June of 1946.

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