1970/71 #3 Tamara, Henry. Trancas. Sample (65-68) Bill Cosby Paige Young Stories. Locations.

One of the women who had spoken out about her drugging and assault by Cosby back in 2004 is Tamara Green. For more information on her connection the 2004 Andrea Constand case against Cosby and the original Jane Does, see the book Chasing Cosby by Nicole Weisensee Egan.

In the fall of 2014, the Burress video went viral and dozens of Cosby’s victims spoke out publicly for the first time after decades of keeping silent or only sharing their story with a few people. At this time Tamara was interviewed by Daily Mail reporter Ryan Parry. She told him about an encounter with Paige Young and Bill Cosby that happened in El Paso in 1970.

Tamara was acquainted with Paige from modeling auditions around LA in the late 60s.  

El Paso Times, Feb. 22, 1970

“I was there (El Paso) seeing my boyfriend and Paige called me and said Bill was on tour and she was travelling with him.

They picked me up at my friend’s house and I remember sitting in the back of a stretched limo with them both and Bill wanted to score some drugs.  I called around and found a bag of pot some place on the edge of El Paso. Paige was into her drugs and Bill wanted to get her some, she was along on the trip like his pet dog, she was a very subdued person, more like moon on the water in terms of her personality.  They were clearly acquainted with each other; it didn’t seem like a new thing.  As far as I know they dated for a while.”

Daily Mail Dec. 2014

Henry from Malibu, a friend of Paige Young’s during this era, knew Paige from Malibu and hiking in Topanga Canyon. He told me about one time when Paige broke down crying. He asked her why and she told him Bill Cosby had raped her.

And that Paige “implied” he drugged her saying she “came to” and realized she’d been raped. Henry worked in the TV business and always thought Bill was a nice guy. No, “he’s not” said Paige, “he is scum.” Also a “piece of shit” and a “bastard” and “don’t even get me started,” was quoted by Henry of Paige describing Bill.

He said Paige motioned towards her dresser telling Henry that Bill had made out a check to her; like a pay-off. Henry did see a check on her desk. He believes it was around $10,000.

It is unknown if it was during the El Paso trip that Cosby drugged and raped Paige. But it is possible, if what Tamara says is true: that Paige acted drugged up and subdued during this encounter.

I’ve talked with 2 people who told me Paige was not a drug user. Occasional grass and alcohol at most. Richard Sample was quite adamant about this point.

1970/71: Paige moved into Henry’s large house in the Trancas area of Malibu. He told me that he let Paige stay there and didn’t charge her rent. Henry said he noticed that Paige started to act “antsy” and expressed that the isolated location in Malibu was blocking her ability to paint. Location of this house was close to the Trancas Market. It has long since been torn down.

Paige moved out after about 3 months says Henry.

This is very likely the time Paige moved to the Westwood apartment where she lived the 2-3 remaining years of her life. Melanie told me her stay was longer than a few months and more like a few years.

Henry doesn’t remember Paige living in the converted chicken coop but remembers visiting her in a cabin in Topanga. I asked Henry about Richard’s quote “she lived on the edge of Malibu in a converted chicken coop” he responded “probably Topanga.”

Henry saw Paige infrequently the last 2 or so years of her life because she became reclusive, he said.

A frequent visitor and performer at many Playboy Clubs was Bill Cosby in the 60s and 70s. I don’t know beyond that time. This is recorded in numerous newspapers articles, magazines and Playboy’s own VIP magazine for PB Club keyholders.

  • Richard’s story probably took place mid to late 1960s, before 70/71, (they were no longer seeing each other then)

Richard L Sample said he would occasionally pick Paige at the Sunset Strip Playboy Club, after her shift. She worked at the club “for about 3 months” he said.

“Bill Cosby was always trying to put the make on Paige. She didn’t want anything to do with him, she ignored him.”

One of these times when Richard was at the club to pick up Paige after her shift, he witnessed Bill Cosby get “very angry” at Paige after she rebuffed another one of his advances.

Postcard with Playboy Building on the right with small blurry bunny image.
This club opened December 31, 1964.

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