1960-63 SFV. Childhood House razed. City Documents. Family Moves Within SFV.

I will speculate here on where Paige Young may have lived at ages 16, 17 and 18 as I haven’t found anything solid about Diana Paige for ages 16, 17 and most of 18 years old.

Her mother, step-father and widowed grandmother, are traceable in public records.

Her sister is not.

1960-1961  In a phone directory, I find a Virginia Young LaRocca, widowed in 1959, listed at 13204 Riverside Drive,(below) a 6-plex (at that time) on the corner with Atoll Ave.   Diana could have lived here with her grandmother, as she was only 16 years old in 1960. Josephine Young Harker, Diana’s great aunt, is also listed with this address in a 1960 LA phone directory.

Diana’s mother Donna and stepfather Jack Holroyd, are listed at 12835 1/2 Oxford Ave., near Grant High School in 1960, 61 and 62.

1962 Mrs. Virginia Young LaRocca has a listing at the Oxford address this year.

The Oxford residence was a 6- plex, (see below) with probably not roomy apartments.

Another possible place Diane lived these years is with her sister Constance, who was 18 in 1960.

Constance married Steve Smashey around this time and they quickly started a family. I’ve been unable to find an address for the Smashey family, only a “marriage intended” listed in the LAT.

1963 and 1964 Both Virginia LaRocca and Jack Holroyd are in the phone directory with an address of 8533 Ventura Canyon, Van Nuys.  This address is Panorama City.

Donna Holroyd is not listed these years, only her husband.

Donna may have started her studies at UCLA around this time majoring in Early Childhood Education.

Here you can see Donna’s Husband Jack Holroyd listed at 8533 Ventura Canyon Sherman Oaks, but is really Panorama City
Here we go with Virginia LaRocca listed at 8533 Ventura Canyon “VN for Van Nuys”

Virginia moved in with her daughter and son-in-law. Same address listed but Virginia with her own phone line.

 By 1963, Diana’s childhood home on Moorpark had been razed.  Records show a city permit (below) requesting a 6-unit apartment to be built. Notice it says NONE (highlighted) for “existing buildings on lot.”

 SFV continued to experience massive population and housing growth throughout the 1960s.

Did a developer or the City make the LaRoccas an offer back in the 50s when Ned was sick with lung cancer?

 The LaRoccas may have received a nice offer by a real estate developer, many older houses were now being razed for multi-unit housing to meet demand for higher density populations. If you can call a 6-plex multi-housing.

Nearby Ventura Blvd. continued to thrive with many businesses of all kinds.


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