1942-1947 #1 3834 Evans & 3710 Arbolada Rd. LaRoccas. Cotterells. Marinellis. WW2.

 Virginia LaRocca is named owner the “double” house at 3710/12 Arbolada Rd. on an LA building permit. This house is only one mile from the home on Evans St.

Donna has a voter registration record with this address in 1944. (seen in ancestry.com)

Robert Morgan Cotterell name is listed as a POW with this address in 44. Joseph LaRocca is listed in the LA telephone directory with this address in 1948.

Arbolada Rd. is a dead end street. It’s high on a hill with an incredible panoramic view of the area. It’s close to their Evans St. home and near Griffith Park.

Coincidentally, 3710/12 Arbolada is about 5 minutes by car from 3311 Waverly drive, home of Manson “family” victims Rosemary and Leno LaBianca. 

Antonio LaBianca, father of Leno LaBianca, bought the Waverly house in 1940.  So the 2 Italian families,(Joseph’s wife Virginia was not Italian but Mormon with English ancestry) were neighbors at one point, even if they never met.

Ned and Virginia LaRocca may have purchased the Arbolada double house to accommodate the extended family members who occasionally stayed or lived with them here, per directories, voter registrations and marriage notices.

 This includes: Joseph’s niece Mildred Marinell who moved out from Peoria, Ill.

Mildred and her mother are seen in a 1936 voter’s registration. Her mother is Kathryn Marinello, father Anthony Marinello. Kathryn is Ned, Frank and Roxy LaRocca’s only sister.

(The Marinellos, LaRoccas will live almost next door to each other in Sherman Oaks for some years in the 1950s.)

Here we see the LaRocca’s in the same voter’s registration log in 1936. D and R seems to be reversed. Virginia became a Republican by the 1950s.
LAT May 25, 1938 Mildred Marinell did not marry Lewis E. Filman. We can see she is living with the LaRoccas.
Van Nuys News and Valley Green Sheet Dec. 4, 1942

Virginia’s sister Josephine Harker, her sometimes singing/dancing partner back in the days of vaudeville was listed in around 1940.

And of course their daughter Donna, their son-in-law Robert, and granddaughters Constance and Diana Cotterell.

All these names (except for the girls)  were linked to the Evans address from 1938 through around 1947, per records.

It’s easy to imagine the Evans house ( by Marshall High School ) was too small to fit all those family members comfortably. I have seen city documents of the original house plan.

Donna and Robert’s divorce was final in 1947.

Virginia LaRocca had been a full time Christian Science Practitioner by the 1940s and a Christian Science Reader at some point.  Her income from this is unknown. She had her own phone per listing in LA phone books for many years for this purpose.

The city of Los Angeles experienced a housing shortage during the post-war years. More so than usual.

This fact caused me to wonder as to how the LaRoccas could afford the 2 houses in the early 1940s. 

I didn’t find an exact answer but the next several chapters may shed some light on the upwardly mobile direction of the LaRocca/Cotterell family.

3710/12 Arbolada

Rating: 5 out of 5.

View from Arbolada Drive is spectacular as is the original building itself.

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